Learn Joomla! The Power Behind 2.9 Million Websites

Joomla is one of the most popular website engines and content management systems (CMS). What does this mean? Websites are rarely built from scratch - there are tons of functions that are needed for similar sites, for example menu items with regularly updated news. Joomla, much like Drupal and WordPress offer you an extensively tested and widely supported platform to build content-rich websites upon!

It all started in August 17, 2005. That was the official launch of Joomla, almost ten years ago already. The name "Joomla" comes from the Swahili word "Jumla", which means "all together" or "as a whole". Joomla is written in the web program language PHP and stores data in MySQL. The Joomla community (people who work with developing Joomla sites regularly) is at least 210,000 strong, according to the number of active registrations. It is important to mention that it has free and open source, ever since!

Learning Joomla has never been this simple

Do you know how to use FTP? Are you familiar with all the new features CSS3 and HTML5 bring to the table? Have you ever installed Joomla from scratch? If you answered no to any of these questions, vcSlate will guide you through all of these and more! From downloading, extracting and uploading a Joomla zip file, to setting up a database and going through the entire installation process from start to finish, it's never been easier to learn. With our step by step guides and video tutorials, you can be off and learning on your integrated Cloud hosting account in no time!

There was a time when at least 30 million websites were running Joomla. Although WordPress has become the premiere and by far the most popular CMS (more than 60% of websites that have some sort of content systems use WordPress), Joomla is still holding playing an important role. The website design trend analytics site BuiltWith.com states that currently 2.8 million sites use Joomla. The total number of Joomla sites is currently rising, although the newer Joomla sites are usually not the most visited places on the internet. In many cases, Joomla appears to be the choice for small and medium businesses for their e-commerce activity.

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