Learn FTP File Transfer Protocol

What is FTP and how does it work? More importantly, how will you be using FTP as a web developer? All of these questions get answered in depth with our video tutorials.

With vcSlate, you will learn how to quickly and easily connect into your integrated Cloud hosting account and setup your website. Starting today, you can learn how to transfer files and maintain your website without needing prior experience, and without being a tech guru.

Our FTP training does not assume that you already know how to use FTP or perform website maintenance. We consider these foundations to be a crucial part of starting your journey of being a web developer. vcSlate is your missing connection to creating and maintaining websites.

Have you ever been asked to upload files to your website, but don't know what that means? Worse, you've asked for pricing from some local web development shops and they've thrown some unexpected numbers your way. If you feel stuck, you're not alone!

Here are some common complaints we hear every day from people just like yourself:

  • How are the phrases "web hosting" and "web site" related?
  • Which folder are you supposed upload files to?
  • How do you create folders?
  • How do you unzip files?
  • How do you move, copy and delete files on your web server?

Even if you know how to write some basic HTML, most people do not know how to get them onto their live website. The constant hurdles and frustrations lead many to give up learning and paying thousands of dollars for something so simple!

Using FTP to transfer files and setup your website is actually really easy...

So long as you have the knowledge; there is a learning curve, but if you can check your email and add an attachment, you can learn FTP! Imagine yourself setting up your own website, uploading your own files, and accomplishing it on your own. No contracting the work out at astronomical rates and no waiting around for someone else to get it done.

We have created vcSlate so that everything is fully integrated, from start to finish. You will have a Cloud hosting account set up, which you can use for your website. The step by step training will give you your username and password for FTP, it will show you how to connect in, how to upload files, and you'll have your website up in no time! Even if you mess up, you can wipe and reset your account to its original state with the click of a button - it doesn't get any easier than that.

Here is some of what you will learn:
The Basics of FTP
Storing your FTP account in the software
Using FTP software to connect into your account
Upload files to be visible on your website
Managing files with FTP
Tips and tricks including transferring with cPanel

Starting now, you can quickly and easily setup your website, transfer files and perform maintenance on your website without worrying about being a tech guru.

Plus, with vcSlate you can continue learning beyond FTP; you get unlimited access to our HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL tutorials plus you can learn how to install and maintain WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! websites.

Cloud Hosting Included!

Learn FTP on our Integrated Platform:
cPanel & AWStats
Cloud Hosted Subdomain
RAID-10 SSD Storage
Apache 2.4
PHP 5.5
MySQL 5.5
Nightly Offsite Backups
US & European Datacenters

Plus learn HTML5 and CSS3